How do the crypto industry’s biggest brands scale their operations?
From accounting to payments, financial reporting, and treasury management, join me as I interview industry leaders to discuss the tools and best practices you can put in place to prepare your organization for growth.

Hosted by Gil Hildebrand, CEO at Gilded

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8. How to File DeFi Taxes with Cameron Browne

Cameron Browne, CPA, is a partner at Darien Advisors, a human-centric crypto tax & advisory firm. In this episode, Cameron joins Gil to discuss how he works with clien...

7. Running your DAO Operations with Megan Murray

How can DAOs scale their organizations efficiently with a lack of operational best practices and tooling? Megan Murray from ATX DAO joins the podcast to discuss how DA...

6. On-chain Accounting is the Future with Trevor Ward

How do crypto accountants stay up to speed in a rapidly evolving industry? Trevor Ward, CPA, co-founder and CEO at Multisig Media, joined Gil on the Decentralized Ops ...

5. How to Pay Employees in Bitcoin with Henri de Ram

What's the best way to pay your team in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? Henri de Ram joined Gil on the Decentralized Ops podcast to discuss the why and how behind E...

4. Business Models for NFT Communities with Tara Fung

How do you build a sustainable long-term business with NFTs? Tara Fung, CEO and co-founder of Co:Create, joined Gil on the Decentralized Ops podcast to discuss NFT bus...

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