3. Accounting for Crypto Assets with Taylor Zork

How do you account for crypto assets in such a fast-moving industry? Taylor Zork joins Gil on the Decentralized Ops podcast to discuss best practices and biggest challenges when it comes to tracking blockchain transactions.
Taylor Zork is the co-founder of CryptoCFOs and author of Accounting for Crypto Assets.

In this episode, Taylor shares his experience transitioning from accounting for cannabis to the world of crypto accounting and how CFOs should approach tracking crypto financials.

Key takeaways: 
  • Focusing on accounting theory 
  • Collaborating with other crypto CPAs to discuss treatment of crypto assets
  • Challenges with accounting and revenue recognition for blockchain transactions
  • The importance of wallet hygiene
  • Being proactive instead of reactive
  • Writing a book on accounting for crypto assets
  • Launching a community for crypto CFOs 

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3. Accounting for Crypto Assets with Taylor Zork
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