7. Running your DAO Operations with Megan Murray

How can DAOs scale their organizations efficiently with a lack of operational best practices and tooling? Megan Murray from ATX DAO joins the podcast to discuss how DAO operators can thrive in their roles.
Megan Murray is the Operations Manager at ATX DAO. In this episode, Megan joins Gil to discuss how she runs the operations and accounting at ATX DAO Accounting and Operations. Together, they delve into the best practices for managing a successful DAO.

Key takeaways include:
  • The 3-fold mission that ATX DAO follows
  • Importance of transparency, security, proper budgeting, and forecasting. 
  • The unique challenges (and opportunities) of running a local IRL DAO.
  • The need to create clear rules and guidelines for a DAO. 
  • Keeping accurate records of financial transactions and assets 
  • The common challenges for DAO operators and practical solutions to overcome them.
  • How to ensure that the organization has enough funds to cover its expenses and to achieve its goals

Where to find the host and guest: 
  • Follow Megan Murray on LinkedIn and check out ATX DAO
  • Follow Gil Hildebrand on LinkedIn and Twitter

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7. Running your DAO Operations with Megan Murray
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