2. How to Prepare for an NFT Drop with Zach Sokolski

How do you launch a successful NFT project? Gil Hildebrand and Zach Sokolski of Gilded discuss the financial and logistical considerations to make your NFT drop a home run.
Gil Hildebrand and Zach Sokolski discuss how to prepare for an NFT project. Zach is a Product Manager at Gilded who helped launch Nieux Society — an NFT project designed to bring the creative culture of the city of New Orleans to web3. Zach shares how operators should prepare and bulletproof their project for a successful drop with clear goals and financial preparation.

Key Takeaways: 
  • Questions that operators should ask their product and tech teams when preparing for an NFT drop
  • How to ensure the creator royalty percentages are configured and the addresses those royalty payments are sent to
  • How to be clear on your treasury management process
  • Why royalty percentages should be paid directly to a multisig account 
  • Why you should automatically convert funds into dollars and send them to the respective bank accounts 
  • How to have a clear view of what your net revenue is once all the collaborators and partners have received their share of any royalties

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2. How to Prepare for an NFT Drop with Zach Sokolski
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